Well, that was awesome

The Diva Cup, Cycle 1, was overall a success!


I didn’t leak or need to use a pad or panty liner once. I used one the first day, actually, so that statement isn’t entirely true. But the rest of the time I purposely didn’t wear anything. All in or go home, or something. I had emergency backups along with the drawstring bag to store the cup if all went really horrible.

It was comfortable! Mostly. Especially today when I was reading online that one person flipped hers inside out, and suddenly everything was perfect. I did that, and Oh, wow. It was a game changer. Like, suddenly I didn’t even notice it, not even once. Not even a little! It was really, really good.


I have a low cervix or something, and that stupid stem irritated me like crazy. I trimmed a bit every day, just a little bit at a time. Before trimming it was awfully irritating. After the second trim it was almost there. After the third trim it was worse than before. Turning it inside out today was brilliant, but now I’m done, so I just trimmed the rest off. I’m going to file it smooth and be ready for next month.

Public restrooms, like at my office, were a challenge. Hypothetically you can just leave it be for 12 hours, but with that stupid stem in the way, wiping was a challenge. And I’ve been drinking a boatload of water, so…connect those dots. As the week went on, simply wiping the cup with toilet paper left it nearly too dry for reinsertion. While I did brave the trip from the toilet to the sink to rinse it at work twice, yeah. Not fun.


I love it. I mean, after I figured out the stem is unnecessary for me, I loved it more. But even with irritation, it wasn’t truly painful for me. And I know maybe the Diva Cup isn’t the brand for me (after considerable Internet research), but I’m going to keep on it for a couple months because $40. The thing is not cheap, and I’m getting my money’s worth. (A package of my preferred pads for a month @ $7 + tampons for two months @ $12, $40 divided by $13 equals three months until my usual purchase habits make it a wash.)

And that is how it went!

Pics or it didn’t happen

So a ton of people (seven eight) liked my mango post, and one person (The OM Project) made a post recently about bananas and peels and eating them. And I was like, what?

And then I was like, I only have one more frozen banana left in my freezer. I could do that.

A green smoothie in a go-cup
Best Blended Smoothie Yet!

So this morning I did that.

And it was totally NOM.

2 kale leaves

2/3 cups carrots

1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 frozen banana

1 banana with peel.

So my kids were like, “Ew, Mom.” Well, the one kid that was paying attention when I said I was going to do it was like that. And I was a little bit, too. I scrubbed it down like the article said, but still. Peel? I ended up chopping off the top and bottom bits, too. That was just too much for me.

But the rest? Nice and sliced.

So the one thing I would say about this smoothie is this – I think carrots go better with orange juice. So no more carrots and almond milk, because the smoothie is good but a little off. Like the flavors don’t “sing” together, you know? But that’s OK, because I’m pretty sure it’s still good for me and it’s not going to kill me.

So thanks, OM Project! (Can I call you that? Should I keep the “The”?)

Blender Cup

It could just be my machine, but I am of the opinion that the little go-cups with the blenders are not functional. I have much better luck when I use the big pitcher and then pour into the go-cup.

Let me explain.

No matter what order I place things in the go-cup, they will not blend. Sure, the first inch or so will, but the rest? No go. I spent a good five minutes this morning trying to get kale to blend, and all I managed to do was puree the inch or so that the blades could reach. And that thing isn’t quiet! I must have driven my neighbors crazy.

Maybe I’m doing things in the wrong order, I realize. So this morning I made sure to put things in a specific order. Since the go-cup ends up turned upside down to blend, I put in the frozen bananas first. Then the almond milk. Then the kale.

It didn’t work.

So my theory is, the pitcher for all things and then pour into the go-cup. I’m glad I have the cup, because it’s a great size – 20 oz labeled, but I think I squeeze in an extra 4-5 when I top it off. Perfect for 2-banana smoothies with up to three kale stalks.

If you have better experiences, please share. I need all the tips I can get!

What the mango?

I have had a stressful day, and I just realized after I realized I forgot to log my supper on Fitbit that I ate about half as much as usual today.

And by that, I mean about half as much as I have been eating the last two weeks, which were the first times I ever actually cared about what I was eating. It’s probably about as much as I used to eat on a Sunday when I slept in until 10:30 and got a late breakfast and then skipped lunch and managed dinner. Significantly less calories, though.

So I remembered I had bought a couple mangoes last Tuesday and hadn’t tried to eat them yet.

Mangoes are weird, man. Mine tastes drunk, which means it’s probably overripe. (I guess?) Also, what’s going on in the middle of that sucker? There was no pit that I could see, but it cut like there was one. I got very little fruit from that sucker. I think I’ll skip it next time and stick to fruits I know. Gah.

Anyway. I didn’t eat much today because I’m stressed, and hopefully, I’m dealing with that stress so that it will go away. Today was the least fun I’ve had on a weekend in some time.

But I ate the damn fruit. (Fuji apple and banana joined the mango. See? Fruit I know.)

Today’s adventures

I have never been as close to my menstrual cycle as I am today. I’m giving the Diva Cup a try, and it’s my first time, and it’s weird and unusual and unexpected, but not nearly as gross as I expected. I’m hoping I’ll end up loving it because this little piece of silicone was not cheap.

I’ve watched a few videos of other women talking about their experiences before this, so the oddness of today wasn’t completely unexpected. I’m hoping to get used to it soon and get to the point where it’s just another thing. Actually, the other thing I’m hoping is that by the time Monday rolls around, I’ll be comfortable enough to deal with this thing in public.

Yeah. We’ll see how that goes.

This was an ecological and a financial choice, by the way. I’m growing more and more irritated by the cost of feminine hygiene products, and how often it has to be purchased. I’m less frustrated by the amount of waste such things create, but that clearly is a concern as well. So if I can make this work, if this is one of those things that just revolutionizes my life and I never have to purchase another pad or tampon for myself again, I’m going to be a happy camper.



So I have a new favorite smoothie (I’ve only made three ever, so take that as you will).

1 cup orange juice

3 leaves kale with stem

frozen bananas (maybe 2.5 large?)

1/3 cup dried blueberries

1 tbsp chia seeds

OMG so delicious. And calorie dense, so what I’m hoping is that after drinking this about 9:30 this morning, I will actually manage to stay full until noon or 12:30.

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot, and quite frequently. Which is good! My meals (because I’m tracking until I get the hang of this stuff) have been really low in calories for the most part. But that means I’m so much hungrier sooner than I ever have been before. It’s such a strange and lovely feeling.

Anyway! I wanted to share before I forgot. Next smoothie – peanut butter, I think.


It was bad

I don’t know how I got it in my head. I think it was some kind of feminism thing where I decided I’m sick of shaving, and how much personal grooming am I doing because I think I have to, and how much because I want or need to?

I made a decision on that and legs? I want them shaved. My hair is dark, and I don’t like the feeling of it. But I also hate shaving. I hate that two days later, I have to do it again. I’m tall, so it’s not a little bit of real estate I’m talking about here.

And razors? Expensive! The good ones that don’t rust after one use are more, and *sigh*. It’s just too much.

So I bought an Epilady. I remember when they were new (though I was too young to be interested in them when they first came out), and they’ve been around forever. They aren’t the only toy on the market anymore, but I still went for the classic. I even went for the basic, because what if I hate it? What if it doesn’t work?

This morning, after my shower, I tried it. I did all the things they said (taught skin, exfoliate first, not before a shower, 90-degree angle to leg), and OW.

IT HURTS. They don’t joke about that. And I was prepared because I’ve tweezed leg hair before! I didn’t think this would be easy, at all, but still, I had to take breaks! In fact, I can still feel the sting this evening, and my legs are still somewhat red and blotchy where I shaved.

And I didn’t get it all. It seemed like it when I was shaving – sorry, epilating – this morning, but this evening I can tell there are a lot of hairs left.

There is a bright side, I promise.

I did a test section yesterday morning on my shin, just to check out everything and see what it was like. And in that section, where I did get all the hairs, it’s everything I wanted. Smooth, not irritated, and there’s no awful stubble. I am so happy, I can’t even say. The Epilady Speed delivered, my friends, and I am never going back to shaving if I can help it.

I may even make it past my knees next week. 🙂

(I took after pictures, but the bright red blotches didn’t show up well on the photographs in the lighting in my room. I’m still including them, though, because before I bought the Epilady, I was scouring the Internets, and bad pictures were just as interesting.)