Hair (not Long but still Beautiful)

I cut off my hair. Not all of it – there’s about an inch or so on the top, but the sides and back are trimmed very close.

I’m nearly 40. I weigh more than is healthy (just over 285 lbs). And I don’t look good with short hair.

Well…okay, so maybe the last part isn’t true.

I have a friend who needs a wheelchair and doesn’t always feel attractive. At some point in her life, she decided to ask herself the following question every time she wanted to do something, but didn’t feel like it was appropriate for her:

“what if I was beautiful what would I do then?”

Well, I love that. So much. I’m almost 40 and I have spent probably my entire life not feeling pretty enough, skinny enough, healthy enough to do things. I have low self-esteem. I am not self-confident. I am not pleased with my weight or my body shape (most of the time).

But I’ve always wanted really, really short hair! Like buzzed to within millimeters of my scalp short, really. And I’ve been afraid of people staring at me, or of my boss being angry, or my coworkers laughing at me.

But what my friend said stuck. And I was feeling really good on Wednesday, and again on Thursday, so I did it.

2017-08-17 20.32.09

I am thrilled with it. It’s shorter in the back than I asked for, but it will grow out, and I actively refuse to be anything but thrilled with it. I’m not worried what my boss is going to say. I didn’t worry what my coworkers were going to say (okay, I did a little). And anytime I’m asked if I got my hair cut, I get excited and smile (I usually don’t like my smile – so much gum) and explain the obvious:

Yes. All of them.

And yes, I like it.

Featured image by Brian Ceccato on Unsplash

5 Replies to “Hair (not Long but still Beautiful)”

  1. It looks so good!! I cut my hair short a while back but not as much as you. Seriously, you’re rocking it girl. Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too xx

  2. Good, no, GREAT for you! 🙂
    We have about the same weight.
    If I was beautiful, what I’d do is… ummm, I’m gonna need a different prompt. I’m not sure being prettier would alter anything for me. That isn’t meant to sound conceded, it’s just that I could be Michelle Rodriguez (or whoever’s hot), and it wouldn’t make a difference. “Oh, your pretty, so here’s way better meds and cold air.”
    I did use to wear makeup, so there was a time that I cared. I don’t exactly recall why, but I did. Use to do stuff with my hair, too. I guess I just aim for “good enough” or “adequate” now.
    Wow. That was some depressing revelations. I do believe it’s time to shut up now. Sorry about that.

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