Too Much

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we got to see a really great movie (The Hitman’s Bodyguard – hilarious!) and then went out to eat after. I really enjoyed both, but especially getting to spend time with friends.

But there was a bunch of “too much” last night.

A friend who is a really great baker made banana bread. I tried to just have a half slice but ended up with three half slices. Delicious, and it didn’t feel really heavy in my stomach, so that was awesome.

And then we went to the movies. Movies have always been a popcorn and soda event for me. In fact, I’ve joked frequently in the past that I go to see movies in the theater for the popcorn. That’s 90% of the reason. (And honestly, that’s still probably true.) So I ate an entire giant bucket of popcorn that had been drenched in butter all by myself. It still didn’t sit heavy, but oy. I can feel it this morning.

And then we went out to eat. I ate small, and veg*n (cheese quesadilla), but there was a lot of sour cream involved.

And we stayed out late. I got home and into bed around midnight.

So! That’s my old normal. That wouldn’t have made a dent three weeks ago. But I’ve really enjoyed eating fresh and the trend toward vegan as opposed to vegetarian. I especially feel best after raw meals.

Now I need to start making better choices.

A half slice of banana bread would have been fine. And I didn’t need the popcorn. My friends all get buckets, too. If I wanted to, I could have asked for a handful from the top of someone else’s bucket, made sure it was thoroughly coated, and that would have been enough, too. I barely drank any of the soda, and I only get it to cut the salt and butter from the popcorn, so I didn’t need that, either.

As for the “after movie”, I enjoyed hanging out with folks, but if I’d actually been hungry, I should have just got a salad. I wasn’t hungry – it was social eating. They even had “veggies for dipping” on the menu. Bam. Vegetables.

Well, it was a lesson learned. As I figure all of these things out, I’ll remember them the next time I’m in the same situation. For now, I’m dealing with a bit of a food hangover (sluggish, groggy, limp), and that’ll teach me. 😉

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

One Reply to “Too Much”

  1. Both the salad and the veggies would have cost more money than the $2 cheese quesadillas. So you saved money. Woot woot woot. See? Upside. Bam! 🙂

    I ate half a bucket of popcorn, brought the rest home (which had some fill, refill, rerefill going on), polished that off today.

    If only they’d offer that same size cup for water! Sneaking 3 water bottles in, plus ice, it’s just too much work! Blargh.

    Anyway, I’m glad you were there. And that banana bread was great.

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