Too Much

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we got to see a really great movie (The Hitman’s Bodyguard – hilarious!) and then went out to eat after. I really enjoyed both, but especially getting to spend time with friends.

But there was a bunch of “too much” last night.

A friend who is a really great baker made banana bread. I tried to just have a half slice but ended up with three half slices. Delicious, and it didn’t feel really heavy in my stomach, so that was awesome.

And then we went to the movies. Movies have always been a popcorn and soda event for me. In fact, I’ve joked frequently in the past that I go to see movies in the theater for the popcorn. That’s 90% of the reason. (And honestly, that’s still probably true.) So I ate an entire giant bucket of popcorn that had been drenched in butter all by myself. It still didn’t sit heavy, but oy. I can feel it this morning.

And then we went out to eat. I ate small, and veg*n (cheese quesadilla), but there was a lot of sour cream involved.

And we stayed out late. I got home and into bed around midnight.

So! That’s my old normal. That wouldn’t have made a dent three weeks ago. But I’ve really enjoyed eating fresh and the trend toward vegan as opposed to vegetarian. I especially feel best after raw meals.

Now I need to start making better choices.

A half slice of banana bread would have been fine. And I didn’t need the popcorn. My friends all get buckets, too. If I wanted to, I could have asked for a handful from the top of someone else’s bucket, made sure it was thoroughly coated, and that would have been enough, too. I barely drank any of the soda, and I only get it to cut the salt and butter from the popcorn, so I didn’t need that, either.

As for the “after movie”, I enjoyed hanging out with folks, but if I’d actually been hungry, I should have just got a salad. I wasn’t hungry – it was social eating. They even had “veggies for dipping” on the menu. Bam. Vegetables.

Well, it was a lesson learned. As I figure all of these things out, I’ll remember them the next time I’m in the same situation. For now, I’m dealing with a bit of a food hangover (sluggish, groggy, limp), and that’ll teach me. 😉

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

Pics or it didn’t happen

So a ton of people (seven eight) liked my mango post, and one person (The OM Project) made a post recently about bananas and peels and eating them. And I was like, what?

And then I was like, I only have one more frozen banana left in my freezer. I could do that.

A green smoothie in a go-cup
Best Blended Smoothie Yet!

So this morning I did that.

And it was totally NOM.

2 kale leaves

2/3 cups carrots

1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 frozen banana

1 banana with peel.

So my kids were like, “Ew, Mom.” Well, the one kid that was paying attention when I said I was going to do it was like that. And I was a little bit, too. I scrubbed it down like the article said, but still. Peel? I ended up chopping off the top and bottom bits, too. That was just too much for me.

But the rest? Nice and sliced.

So the one thing I would say about this smoothie is this – I think carrots go better with orange juice. So no more carrots and almond milk, because the smoothie is good but a little off. Like the flavors don’t “sing” together, you know? But that’s OK, because I’m pretty sure it’s still good for me and it’s not going to kill me.

So thanks, OM Project! (Can I call you that? Should I keep the “The”?)

Blender Cup

It could just be my machine, but I am of the opinion that the little go-cups with the blenders are not functional. I have much better luck when I use the big pitcher and then pour into the go-cup.

Let me explain.

No matter what order I place things in the go-cup, they will not blend. Sure, the first inch or so will, but the rest? No go. I spent a good five minutes this morning trying to get kale to blend, and all I managed to do was puree the inch or so that the blades could reach. And that thing isn’t quiet! I must have driven my neighbors crazy.

Maybe I’m doing things in the wrong order, I realize. So this morning I made sure to put things in a specific order. Since the go-cup ends up turned upside down to blend, I put in the frozen bananas first. Then the almond milk. Then the kale.

It didn’t work.

So my theory is, the pitcher for all things and then pour into the go-cup. I’m glad I have the cup, because it’s a great size – 20 oz labeled, but I think I squeeze in an extra 4-5 when I top it off. Perfect for 2-banana smoothies with up to three kale stalks.

If you have better experiences, please share. I need all the tips I can get!

What the mango?

I have had a stressful day, and I just realized after I realized I forgot to log my supper on Fitbit that I ate about half as much as usual today.

And by that, I mean about half as much as I have been eating the last two weeks, which were the first times I ever actually cared about what I was eating. It’s probably about as much as I used to eat on a Sunday when I slept in until 10:30 and got a late breakfast and then skipped lunch and managed dinner. Significantly less calories, though.

So I remembered I had bought a couple mangoes last Tuesday and hadn’t tried to eat them yet.

Mangoes are weird, man. Mine tastes drunk, which means it’s probably overripe. (I guess?) Also, what’s going on in the middle of that sucker? There was no pit that I could see, but it cut like there was one. I got very little fruit from that sucker. I think I’ll skip it next time and stick to fruits I know. Gah.

Anyway. I didn’t eat much today because I’m stressed, and hopefully, I’m dealing with that stress so that it will go away. Today was the least fun I’ve had on a weekend in some time.

But I ate the damn fruit. (Fuji apple and banana joined the mango. See? Fruit I know.)


So I have a new favorite smoothie (I’ve only made three ever, so take that as you will).

1 cup orange juice

3 leaves kale with stem

frozen bananas (maybe 2.5 large?)

1/3 cup dried blueberries

1 tbsp chia seeds

OMG so delicious. And calorie dense, so what I’m hoping is that after drinking this about 9:30 this morning, I will actually manage to stay full until noon or 12:30.

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot, and quite frequently. Which is good! My meals (because I’m tracking until I get the hang of this stuff) have been really low in calories for the most part. But that means I’m so much hungrier sooner than I ever have been before. It’s such a strange and lovely feeling.

Anyway! I wanted to share before I forgot. Next smoothie – peanut butter, I think.


What a mess…

I tried my new blender today! I made a banana and kale and almond milk smoothie with some flax seeds in, and it wasn’t horrible!

2017-08-10 05.32.28

It was messy, though. First I found some green stuff oozing out from the bottom. Seems I had managed to unscrew the pitcher from the thing holding the blades in. So I cleaned that up.

Then I put in the bananas, but they didn’t want to blend, just hang out at the top, clumping everything up. So I had to take the pitcher off and poke at them, spilling green stuff all over the counter (thankfully I did this project next to the sink).

Next I blended everything and poured it into a cup – presto! But it was entirely too thick – more like nice cream than smoothie. So I poured in another cup of almond milk, and poured the “smoothie” back in the pitcher.

Third time was a charm (or am I up to fourth?), because when I poured it out this time everything was perfect. I’m glad I used the biggest cup in the kitchen – it needed it.

So I think next time I’m going to stick to a recipe. It all worked out in the end, but it was an odd, new experience. Hopefully when I try to make my next one, it will at least be less messy. 😀