Today’s adventures

I have never been as close to my menstrual cycle as I am today. I’m giving the Diva Cup a try, and it’s my first time, and it’s weird and unusual and unexpected, but not nearly as gross as I expected. I’m hoping I’ll end up loving it because this little piece of silicone was not cheap.

I’ve watched a few videos of other women talking about their experiences before this, so the oddness of today wasn’t completely unexpected. I’m hoping to get used to it soon and get to the point where it’s just another thing. Actually, the other thing I’m hoping is that by the time Monday rolls around, I’ll be comfortable enough to deal with this thing in public.

Yeah. We’ll see how that goes.

This was an ecological and a financial choice, by the way. I’m growing more and more irritated by the cost of feminine hygiene products, and how often it has to be purchased. I’m less frustrated by the amount of waste such things create, but that clearly is a concern as well. So if I can make this work, if this is one of those things that just revolutionizes my life and I never have to purchase another pad or tampon for myself again, I’m going to be a happy camper.