Blender Cup

It could just be my machine, but I am of the opinion that the little go-cups with the blenders are not functional. I have much better luck when I use the big pitcher and then pour into the go-cup.

Let me explain.

No matter what order I place things in the go-cup, they will not blend. Sure, the first inch or so will, but the rest? No go. I spent a good five minutes this morning trying to get kale to blend, and all I managed to do was puree the inch or so that the blades could reach. And that thing isn’t quiet! I must have driven my neighbors crazy.

Maybe I’m doing things in the wrong order, I realize. So this morning I made sure to put things in a specific order. Since the go-cup ends up turned upside down to blend, I put in the frozen bananas first. Then the almond milk. Then the kale.

It didn’t work.

So my theory is, the pitcher for all things and then pour into the go-cup. I’m glad I have the cup, because it’s a great size – 20 oz labeled, but I think I squeeze in an extra 4-5 when I top it off. Perfect for 2-banana smoothies with up to three kale stalks.

If you have better experiences, please share. I need all the tips I can get!