Well, that was awesome

The Diva Cup, Cycle 1, was overall a success!


I didn’t leak or need to use a pad or panty liner once. I used one the first day, actually, so that statement isn’t entirely true. But the rest of the time I purposely didn’t wear anything. All in or go home, or something. I had emergency backups along with the drawstring bag to store the cup if all went really horrible.

It was comfortable! Mostly. Especially today when I was reading online that one person flipped hers inside out, and suddenly everything was perfect. I did that, and Oh, wow. It was a game changer. Like, suddenly I didn’t even notice it, not even once. Not even a little! It was really, really good.


I have a low cervix or something, and that stupid stem irritated me like crazy. I trimmed a bit every day, just a little bit at a time. Before trimming it was awfully irritating. After the second trim it was almost there. After the third trim it was worse than before. Turning it inside out today was brilliant, but now I’m done, so I just trimmed the rest off. I’m going to file it smooth and be ready for next month.

Public restrooms, like at my office, were a challenge. Hypothetically you can just leave it be for 12 hours, but with that stupid stem in the way, wiping was a challenge. And I’ve been drinking a boatload of water, so…connect those dots. As the week went on, simply wiping the cup with toilet paper left it nearly too dry for reinsertion. While I did brave the trip from the toilet to the sink to rinse it at work twice, yeah. Not fun.


I love it. I mean, after I figured out the stem is unnecessary for me, I loved it more. But even with irritation, it wasn’t truly painful for me. And I know maybe the Diva Cup isn’t the brand for me (after considerable Internet research), but I’m going to keep on it for a couple months because $40. The thing is not cheap, and I’m getting my money’s worth. (A package of my preferred pads for a month @ $7 + tampons for two months @ $12, $40 divided by $13 equals three months until my usual purchase habits make it a wash.)

And that is how it went!