It was bad

I don’t know how I got it in my head. I think it was some kind of feminism thing where I decided I’m sick of shaving, and how much personal grooming am I doing because I think I have to, and how much because I want or need to?

I made a decision on that and legs? I want them shaved. My hair is dark, and I don’t like the feeling of it. But I also hate shaving. I hate that two days later, I have to do it again. I’m tall, so it’s not a little bit of real estate I’m talking about here.

And razors? Expensive! The good ones that don’t rust after one use are more, and *sigh*. It’s just too much.

So I bought an Epilady. I remember when they were new (though I was too young to be interested in them when they first came out), and they’ve been around forever. They aren’t the only toy on the market anymore, but I still went for the classic. I even went for the basic, because what if I hate it? What if it doesn’t work?

This morning, after my shower, I tried it. I did all the things they said (taught skin, exfoliate first, not before a shower, 90-degree angle to leg), and OW.

IT HURTS. They don’t joke about that. And I was prepared because I’ve tweezed leg hair before! I didn’t think this would be easy, at all, but still, I had to take breaks! In fact, I can still feel the sting this evening, and my legs are still somewhat red and blotchy where I shaved.

And I didn’t get it all. It seemed like it when I was shaving – sorry, epilating – this morning, but this evening I can tell there are a lot of hairs left.

There is a bright side, I promise.

I did a test section yesterday morning on my shin, just to check out everything and see what it was like. And in that section, where I did get all the hairs, it’s everything I wanted. Smooth, not irritated, and there’s no awful stubble. I am so happy, I can’t even say. The Epilady Speed delivered, my friends, and I am never going back to shaving if I can help it.

I may even make it past my knees next week. 🙂

(I took after pictures, but the bright red blotches didn’t show up well on the photographs in the lighting in my room. I’m still including them, though, because before I bought the Epilady, I was scouring the Internets, and bad pictures were just as interesting.)